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Metal wax warmer

Metal wax warmer

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Metal & bamboo base wax warmer. Warmers are a safe way to add fragrance to your room. The electric wax melt warmer allows you to enjoy the scent of a lit candle without the flames and soot. 

Wax warmers are easy to operate. Plug in power, turn on the switch, the fragrance spreads all around the room, creating a pleasant and relaxing atmosphere. The Wax melter not only spreads fragrance all around, but also serves as ambiance lighting in the home, office, bedroom room, baby room, living room etc.


Litty uses a beautiful blend of soy and palm wax. This wax is also 100% natural.  We love the crisp chocolate bar sound the wax gives off when you break the melts. We use phtalate/paraben free fragrance oils.

Wax melt safety

• Always ensure that you do not overfill your bowl.

• Keep melted wax away from pets and children.

• Never pour melted wax down plumbing.

• Do not try to move the burner until it has cooled completely and the wax has hardened.

• Do not add water or fragrance oils to wax melt.

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